About Dahab
and the Red Sea

About Dahab and the Red Sea

Suki & Zinc from China at The Canyon & Blue Hole



DAHAB, a quiet and peaceful bedouin fishing village, blessed with colorful corals and many different species of fish. It is cheap to Eat & Drink here, a wonderful place to relax by the sea and get away from the busy city (like Cairo). Some travelers say it is a little bit like Byron Bay, Australia! There is also a market every Friday where you can buy all kinds of home cooked food, jewelry and just enjoy the atmosphere, hang out with locals and foreigners. It is called THE FRIDAY MARKET!


You can find all kinds of nationalities here, women can feel free to dress as they like, its a hippie, beach town, full of divers and free divers. In Dahab they have International Free diving competitions and Scuba Diving world records. If you want to learn how to dive, but how to dive properly, and to PADI Standards, come to Dahab! It is really a brilliant place to learn.

DAHAB is famous for the Blue Hole, which is a dive that you don’t want to miss! Similar to sky diving, you will need to be an Advanced Open Water diver to do this dive, as usually you will dive up to 30 meters, but it is possible to dive even deeper than that! Why? The Blue hole is more than 100 meters deep!


But another spectacular dive that is not to be missed is The Canyon, which is a huge under water canyon that has a sandy bottom at 30 meters however it can go deeper, up to 55 meters!


Dahab is famous for its DEPTHS! Just simply go for a swim and snorkel at the Lighthouse, which is a bay that is perfectly calm and protected, great for beginners who want to practice their diving skills or start their Open Water course!


But in Dahab, we have MANY dive sites, from North to South!

When it is calm and high tide, a great dive site is The Caves! They are actual underwater caves!

Umm Sid is a wonderful dive with eels sticking out of the sand and slopes going into the deep!

Moray Garden & 3 Pools, colorful corals, fantastic for even just an Open Water Diver.

The Islands is a wonderful dive site but the entry can be difficult, so it depends on the tide and weather conditions

Mashraba is right in front of Club Red! You can suit up and walk right in!

The Lighthouse is great for beginners to advanced. You can see an underwater Elephant at 30 meters!