Technical Diving Courses


All TDI technical diving courses by Tek Tribe are regarded as serious diver training, and should not be considered as entertainment. Technical diving courses are time to focus on in-depth training; the pleasure and enjoyment comes later.

Serious time and effort is spent by the diver, focusing on mastering new diving skills, knowledge and attitudes, and on breaking old diving habits.

Regardless of which Technical Diving Association you choose to train with, this does not change the safety, attitude and human physiology towards diving. World over, you’ll find that all Technical Diving Association course contents are basically the same.

More importantly, chose your Instructor wisely. Evaluate their Instructor experience in this type of diving. Ask for a brief history and their tech diving experience. YouТll train only once. Demand the highest quality.

For further information regarding any of the technical diving courses listed on the right, please don’t hesitate to contact Tarek Omar and Tek Tribe directly at


Basic Nitrox

The Basic Nitrox Course allows you to take advantage of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) as a breathing gas. You will learn the benefits, limits and proper procedures for using Nitrox mixes from 21% to 40% oxygen content.

Study the history of Nitrox, Oxygen physiology, CNS percentage tracking, planning enriched air dives, analyzing mixes and Nitrox equipment compatibility.

Course Duration: 1 Day theory only

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

Price: 80 $

Advanced Nitrox

The Advanced Nitrox Course examines the use of EAN 21 through 100% (oxygen) for dives not requiring staged decompression.

During this course the diver receives a more in-depth study of EAN.

Upon successful completion of Advanced Nitrox, graduates are able to engage in diving activities utilising EAN 21 through 100% oxygen without direct supervision.

Course Duration: 2-3 days

Prerequisites: Basic Nitrox Diver or equivalent and 25 logged dives

Price: 300 $

Decompression Procedures

The Decompression Procedures Course examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned staged decompression diving.

The objective of the course is to train you how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive, and to be familiar with equipment requirements, gear set ups, decompression techniques and decompression mixtures.

This course may be taught in conjunction with the TDI Extended Range course or Advanced Nitrox course.

Course Duration: 2Ц3 days : 4 dives

Prerequisites: Advanced Diver or equivalent and 30 logged dives

Price: 300 $

Extended Range

During the Extended Range Course you will learn the proper equipment techniques, equipment requirements and hazards of deep air diving using 9Ц12 litre tanks and Nitrox sling tanks for decompression dives to a maximum depth of 55 metres.

This course includes advanced diving procedures, management of narcosis and stress, advanced oxygen physiology, CNS percentage tracking with varying Nitrox for decompression, advanced equipment use and deep air dive planning.

Course Duration: 4-5 days : 6 dives

Prerequisites: Adv. Nitrox and TDI Decompression Procedures diver (or their equivalents) with 100 logged dives of which 25 are deeper than 30 metres.

Price: 500 $

Entry Level Trimix

The Entry Level Trimix Course provides the training required to competently and safely utilise breathing gasses containing helium for dives which require staged decompression using Nitrox and/or oxygen mixtures during decompression.

Learn to plan and dive Trimix – a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium; to a maximum depth of 60 metres.

Course Duration: 4 days

Prerequisites: Adv. Nitrox and Decompression Procedures diver or their equivalents; 100 logged dives

Price: 650 $

Advanced Trimix

The Advanced Trimix Course educates the diver in the use of Helium for staged decompression dives to a maximum depth of 91 metres.

It provides an in-depth look at the advanced physiology and philosophy of safe Trimix diving.

Course Duration: 5-7 days : 4-5 dives

Prerequisites: TDI Extended Range Diver or equivalent; 100 logged dives

Price: 950 $

TDI Triple Package

The TDI Triple Package includes:

Advanced Nitrox
Decompression Procedures
Entry Level Trimix
Please contact us for further information

Course Duration: 10-14 days

Prerequisites: Basic Nitrox Diver or equivalent and 100 logged dives

Price: 1190 $

Nitrox Gas Blender

Nitrox Gas Blender Course: 1 Day

Prerequisites: minimum age 18

Price: 150 $

Trimix Gas Blender

The Trimix Gas Blender Course: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Nitrox Gas Blender

Price: 200 $

Courses TDI



Basic Nitrox Diver

Minimum certification of Open Water Instructor

Minimum of 10 logged nitrox dives


Minimum age of 18

Minimum certification of TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor or equivalent

Proof of 100 logged open water dives, Proof of 25 nitrox dives


Minimum age 18

Minimum certification of TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor or equivalent

Minimum of 150 logged dives


Minimum age of 21

Minimum of 250 logged dives with a minimum of 25 extended range dives

Certification as an Extended Range Diver, TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor ~TDI Staged Decompression Instructor (or equivalent)

Show proof of assisting in one complete Extended Range Diver Program


Minimum age of 21

Minimum certification as a TDI Entry Level Trimix Diver and a TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor (or equivalent)

Minimum 250 logged dives with a minimum of 30 logged Trimix dives


Minimum age of 21

Minimum certification of TDI Nitrox Gas Blender


Minimum age 21

Minimum certification of TDI Advanced Gas Blender