Technical Diving

In Red Sea Technical Diving, Tek Tribe’s team of highly qualified TDI Instructors have years of purely technical diving experience and are ready to pass this knowledge onto you.
Heading theTDI Technical Diving Team is Tarek Omar, the internationally renown technical diver with a personal Trimix record of 209m.
Tarek Omar and Tek Tribe have been involved in cutting edge diving and media projects worldwide, including dive documentaries for Lily Film, Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel.They have also been the subject of articles in Egypt Today, Egypt Inside, Sinai 2000, Octopus, Tauchen and Diver magazines.

tech diving

Technical Diving is a discipline which utilises special training methods to improve underwater performance and safety, enabling you to perform tasks beyond the scope of traditional recreational diving.

Tek Tribe technical diving training provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in incredible challenges, from experiencing some of the best deep water dives in the world around Dahab, Egypt, enjoying the silence and depth of diving, or extending depth and bottom time during exploration or professional dives.

TDI technical diving course programs are based on easily definable course curricula which addresses in full the specific educational and practical diving training necessary.

Technical Diving is for the select few who are willing to rise to challenges, meet the demands, dive by the highest codes of safety, understand and accept the risks, and above all……… love it.

tech diving


Dahab : Egypt : Red Sea

Tek Tribe is based at one of the top dive spots in the world on the Red Sea Coast; the unique village of Dahab, Sinai.

Tek Tribe is located in Light House, a relaxed and extensively equipped beachside club, only a few minutes ride away from some of the most famous deep water dive sites in the world.

Tek Tribe combine the highest standards of diving safety, enjoyment and adventure, while playing an active role in local environment conservation.


Tarek Omar